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The Best Policy Is Devoped By The People When Fully Informed

Look at the number of businesses that have had customer access blocked by poorly planned municipal construction projects.

This is inexcusable and must be changed. Efficient and better project management policies have escaped consideration by city managers and council members. The city does not coordinate with these business owners leaving them to fend for themselves when projects are announced that will potentially be an assassin's bullet to small business, which will also shoot the jobs of their employees in the back. 

When a citizen of Ward 13 called the city to complain about multiple construction projects blocking local business access he was told they do not coordinate the repair jobs.  A city that will let their own work randomly devastate local business is not being a good steward.  
Zero Based Budgeting
Announcing Policy Convention 2018
Over the last few years, businesses and families have had to become more efficient.  Making difficult decisions with fewer resources.

In order to bring efficiency to City Hall, I am calling for a zero-based budgeting process.  If departments are not required to look at what is needed to provide their services then bureaucracy just grows.  

Let me be clear, the front-line service providers are not the enemy.  Since I launched my campaign I have had MANY city employees share with me ideas that they have had for cost savings and service improvement; ideas that have been ignored.  Not only ignored but many have been discouraged or marginalized for bringing forward these ideas.

Citizens of Calgary we have allies that work for us that would love to foster a sense of pride by being known as the most dynamic and efficient city in Canada.

Every organization gets more of what it rewards.  Let's reward and require a process of constant improvement.  Zero-based budgeting is just one tool I will use to move this forward.  
A public policy process is the lifeblood of a respectful political system.  

Having been involved in the policy process of Reform, PC, and Wildrose I know political policy is better when done in the light of day.  

To that end, I am committing to having a public policy process for Ward 13 in both the First and Third years of my term. 

Look for more details in the coming weeks.  I will first sit back and wait for others to say why this can't be done.  Then look for me to expound on how it can be, must be and will be done.  Doing so will let the residents of Ward 13 hold me accountable thru out the 4-year term.